Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm back ...

Sorry i've not been on for a while me mum has been poorly, she said she had a virus i thought only computers got this but there you go!! I'm not perfect yet, vet says i have something called arthritus and its the weather that makes it worse, i thought only old people got this but apparently not, mum says its because i've had an operation and it was expected. I've been getting out more but to start with me mum only took me to the end of the street and back god have you tried to wee 10 times in that short amount of space she must think i'm superman or something! The following week we went a bit further, then a bit further and now we go down to the field which is good i meet my friends sometimes down there. We got a bunny but the not the ones we were meant to be, its like a little lion this one, mum says he won't grow much bigger thank god, i lubs it i sit and sniff him and watch out for him, no cats allowed anymore i've got to protect him from the evils of this world, i sit by his hutch and talk to him, mum says shes going to get him a friend because he's lonely and buns shouldn't live on their own, i think she just uses this as an excuse coz we have 2 of everything here, i do my best in keeping the bunny occupied but i can't sit out there all day with me bad legs. I tried a bit of pumpkin today bcoz me mum has made my human brother a cut out of one, god knows why they are soooo scary but i didn't like it. She then tried to suffocate me with a mask of an old man i told her no way was i wearing that, doesn't she realise i've got to keep up me street cred!! Anyway i got some dried tripe from her so that was good. Better get off me mum wants to take me out, i don't want to go its too cold and wet for me, hate puddles, me mum laughs at me and tells me i should have been a girl how dare she!! doesn't she realise that i'm royality!! See u soon.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Rottie has been stolen

WARNING....this dog along with all her puppies has been stolen so if you are offered a rotti puppy from the buttershaw area of bradford please think carefully as the police are involved and they beleive the bitch and puppies were stolen to order and they are taking it very seriously....if anyone has any info as to mum or babies pls dont hesitate to contact me. thank you so so much anything that could help return her is greatly appreciated,the puppies were due today so im not sure how many there will be but the vet estimated 6 on a scan but thats not 100% reliable,unfortunately i dont have a photo,she has a small round scar on her left ear, she was stolen out of my back garden that is fully fenced but they some how managed to take her whilst i was shopping,ive lived here many years and that what made the police think she was stolen to order,my children are devastated and any info as to her where abouts would be fantastic no matter how small,buttershaw is not a big place and chances are some one some where will here of the puppies been advertised to sell when they are old enough to leave,im desperate to get her back or at least know she is been looked after and warm and fed.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Not done a thing today!!

Well i've done bugger all today, mum says i really must rest, she took Elmo out tho!! but i howled and cried but i don't think she heard me coz she didn't come back for me!! the bunnys didn't turn up the lady rang up and said something about they'd got out and she couldn't catch them and she had to get a train in the next half hr so we've to wait till next weekend, i'm dying to see what bunnys are. Mums been out and bought lots of new stuff for them, we got some new beds too very nice they are too, i christened Elmo's for her well i have to show her whose boss don't i. Mum wasn't too happy tho she'd only just bought them and had to wash it she said poor Elmo, poor Elmo i'm stuck in 24/7 only allowed in the garden and she's saying poor elmo!! She wants to be in my shoes i'm a dog and i want to go out and walk and run in the woods and fields, but mum says its for the best. Well thats it for today still sat on me bum doing nothing.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Scooby today

Well i'm not limping today but occasionally i'm holding it up. Mummy is keeping an eye on me tho she says i'll have to go back to the vets again if it doesn't get any better. Everytime she says that i end up staying in having some funny stuff and waking up all funny. But i'm a bit partial to the nurses, one of them especially coz she sits with me and looks after me, must get her name next time. Everytime i go in and she's in the next room she shouts oooo is that me scooby and comes running in for cuddles. Must be my eyes that do it coz no-one else seems to want to cuddle me in fact they run away most of the time. Mum says i'll probaly need a cruciate op on it, god not that again its so boring you just sit around for months on end with only little walks. Mum tells us we are getting something called rabbits tomorrow not sure what to expect tho coz i've never seen a rabbit before, she says i have to be nice and good to them, me i'm nice to everyone apart from that cat that comes to the gate and torments me trying to scratch me, but then i only bark to tell it to go away! Anyway i'll let you know how it goes or should i say my mum will coz i won't be able to do anything!!